"REROUTE! offers players the opportunity to casually learn about driving while simultaneously discovering what great entertainment, restaurants, and sight seeing options are available in specific cities. The Fayetteville Arkansas Edition is perfect for any Fayetteville enthusiast, people looking to take a trip to Fayetteville, or anybody who would love to learn about the rules of the road in Arkansas in a more exciting way."
In this game, players have the chance to answer driver’s education trivia cards to earn points as well as collect destinations to earn even more points. Collecting destinations allows players to reuse traffic cones to block the paths and induce a reroute.
I read the entire Arkansas driving handbook and converted that text into cards that can be presented to the opponent and offer them the opportunity to answer. It’s essentially the perfect little deck of flash cards to use as study material in combination with reading the handbook. A lack of study materials or good quality study materials for learning to drive was a mention by a handful of people early in my exploration of this project topic.
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